March 16, 2017


Do I just get the one jingle when I order from Jingle Hits?
At Jingle Hits, we know that as a business you are likely to want to broadcast your message in a variety of ways, for instance with an announcer speaking your words through the full spot, or perhaps in a donut fashion (singing at beginning and end of the jingle, music in the middle for an announcer to speak over, and so on). That is why with every jingle we create, Jingle Hits also creates a “customized jingle package” specifically for your needs. We will provide numerous variations for you, based on what you are looking for. This gives you flexibility to broadcast your message (or change it accordingly) to suit your particular branding needs and desired style at any time.

How long does the process take?
Usually the process takes about 2 to 3 weeks from start to finish, depending on the scope of the project of course.

Is the jingle you are creating for me an all-original composition?
Yes, our jingles are written specifically for each individual project, and are not copies of another jingle. They are written from scratch, specifically tailored for your business, your potential customer base, and your market area. We are not short on creativity, so each jingle is unique to your needs, and only your needs.

This is all new to me, I don’t know where to start. I have no slogan or musical abilities, can you help?
Yes, we can, that’s why you are paying for our services! We’ll take you through it all, step by step. All you need to know is that the jingle we provide will help your business be more successful, it will make your marketing campaign much more memorable, it’s that simple, no complications whatsoever. You can count on us to make your business unforgettable!

Do I own the jingle once it is finished and delivered to me?
Jingle Hits works with businesses on a local, regional, and national level, and we price our jingles based on this criteria. Yes, you do buy the jingle to use within your respective market area, unless you expand your business into other areas. For instance, if you currently have one business in New York, but are growing rapidly and just opening a new location Philadelphia, for a nominal licensing fee we would simply license your existing jingle to those other markets. For further information, please contact us for more details.