March 12, 2017

About Us

For more than 35 years, the individuals behind Jingle Hits have been creating catchy, unforgettable music for businesses both big and small across the globe.  Fitted with state of the art recording equipment, and manned by a full spectrum of talented writers, musicians, producers, and engineers, our studios are always bustling with creativity.  Our team of musicians and producers come from all walks of life, and are on call at the ready for any project you may have.  Being experts in the field of advertising, we have the ability to capture your brand in a way that will enhance your bottom line, making your product or service more valuable in the eyes of potential customers.  Working with big brands, Jingle Hits also takes great care in the smaller ‘ma and pa” projects, with the goal being to raise positive awareness for any brand, regardless of business size.  At Jingle Hits, music is our passion, it’s what we do.  Contact us today with your project details, and we’ll take it from there!