March 16, 2017

A Look Back

Way back in 1923, the first radio jingle was fashioned, along with the advent of commercial radio in the United States. Back then, advertisements needed to stand out from the crowd, so musically slanted ads began to take hold.

If there is any company with the best claim to fame for releasing the first known musical jingle form that we know and love today, it is a company called General Mills. The jingle spot General Mills released was called “Have You Tried Wheaties?”, and was the world’s first singing commercial jingle to date. The Wheaties advertisement was extremely successful, and paved the way for the modern jingle we now know. In fact, before General Mills tried the new jingle format, they were doing so poorly with their Wheaties brand that they were seriously considering dropping the cereal, but that never happened, of course, due to their successful jingle. In fact, instead of stopping production on their cereal, they purchased nationwide commercial time for their ads, and the rest is history. Wheaties is still thriving to this very day, thanks to the almighty jingle. Once other companies witnessed the success General Mills was having, they also began to try out this new musical selling technique. Since the 1920’s jingles have become immensely popular over time, as they have the ability of getting a brand name inside the minds of potential customers around the world.

In the 1950’s, the jingle became astronomically popular with the economic explosion of the times, where it was used to advertise everything from beer, tobacco, candy, breakfast cereals, snacks, soft drinks and much more. To this day, jingles are still being used faithfully to advertise automobiles, personal hygiene products (which include toothpaste, shampoo, mouthwash, toilet paper and deodorants), and household cleaning products like detergents and household cleaners of every type, and the list goes on and on!